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Queen Sales

Cedar Lane begins the season in April with Queens and has them right through September. Call to find out our availability.

Bee Keeping Supplies

Cedar Lane Apiaries is a great source for Beekeeping Supplies. Whether you need a full Hive setup or mite treatments we can help. Check out our equipment page or call for more info. 

Honey and Wax Sales

Cedar Lane has our own honey and wax for sale. Call us if you are interested.

Bee Mentor

At Cedar Lane, it's not just about sales. We have a passion for beekeeping. Glenn has nearly sixty years experience and Tom is following in his footsteps. And we will happily share this with anyone who needs information, help or advice.

Packages and Nucs

Starting in December, Cedar Lane starts taking orders for new Bee Packages. We purchase OHB northern California packages through Mann Lake. We get Georgia overwintered nucs from a larger commercial apiary in Massachussetts. If you need bees we can help.

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