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OHB Saskatraz 3lb Package, April 5th Pick-up


Saskatraz hybrids are produced in Northern California (Orland area) exclusively by Olivarez Honey Bees using Saskatraz breeder queens constructed in Saskatchewan, Canada by Meadow Ridge Enterprises (Breeder and CEO, Albert J. Robertson). A detailed review of the Saskatraz project (established 2005) including breeding methods, published research articles, power point presentations and information on individual breeding families, including Saskatraz hybrids can be found at www.saskatraz.com.

Saskatraz traits:

  1. Excellent honey production
  2. Good wintering ability
  3. Selected for increased varroa tolerance and resistance to brood diseases
  4. Show increased hygienic behavior

3 Lbs package with an unmarked, mated Queen. When ordering (by mail or Paypal) please indicate where you will be picking up your package(s). Choices are: Benedict's in Monroe, CT, April 4th or 5th or Cedar Lane Apiary in Sterling, CT, April 5th. Also, please include your email and phone number so we will be able to contact you 2-3 days before the bees arrive. When paying by check please remember to write what kind of queen you ordered on it. And make sure you have chosen the package with your desired date for pick up. Thank You!

**!!Please provide your e-mail address and phone number for updates and questions.

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